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Every workout is carefully designed with bodyweight-only exercises - no equipment required!

When you get started today, you'll have access to the 28-day plan you need to jumpstart your weight loss, start feeling stronger and regain confidence in your body again.


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When you get started today, you'll have access to the entire 28 day fat burning, at-home workout program that will make your clothes start fitting better & get you set up for long term success.

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MOMENTUM: At-Home 28 Day Workout Program

Get a properly designed, at-home workout program using the revolutionary F.I.R.E. workout protocol - no equipment needed. All you need is your own bodyweight for the next 28 days to start rebuilding your body, feeling stronger with more energy every day to live your best life! 

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30-Day Access To The Blue Phoenix Fitness App

Your entire MOMENTUM: At-Home Edition experience is delivered directly to you through the custom Blue Phoenix Fitness app so that you always have access to your workouts in the palm of your hand! 

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Exercise Video Demos

Not sure how to do bodyweight squats? No problem, just tap on the exercise inside your training plan and a full video demo walks you through exactly how to do every single exercise so that you always know exactly what to do!

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Complete Support & Accountability

Got a question? Need a little extra motivation? For the next 28 days you'll have access to your very own weight loss specialist right in the palm of your hand. Just pop open your Blue Phoenix Fitness app, tap on "Message" and reach out whenever you need a little bit of help!

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Stacey D.

Winnipeg, MB

"My non-scale victory has been learning what my food triggers are and doing my best to avert. Not 100% but better than I was before. And my clothes are fitting better!!!"

Chris N.

Altona, MB

"I can't believe the change that has happened in my body...after only one month down over 12 lbs & inches everywhere! I am fitting back into my clothes! I am amazed at the strength I have gained."

*Results are obviously dependant on the effort and consistency you put into the program. Put in the effort, get the reward.

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About Your coach 

Cameron Makarchuk, B.Sc., CSEP-CPT

Master Transformation Coach

Cameron Makarchuk is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, Certified Online Trainer & weight loss specialist who has helped over 1287 men & women go from struggling and frustrated, to strong and confident. He has helped over a dozen people lose over 100 lbs including one women who lost over 175 lbs in just 14 months!

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Theresa T.

Winnipeg, MB

28-Day Money Back Guarantee

Try out MOMENTUM: At-Home Edition for the full 28 days - go through the entire program - and if you're not ecstatic with your progress and the way you feel, we'll refund every penny!

Just give it an honest shot for 28 days, doing everything just how we lay it out and we're positive you'll be happy with the results.

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