How Good Would It Feel To Finally "Ditch The Scale", and Feel Fit, Strong, & Confident in the Clothes you LOVE!

(Get ready to have people looking like this when you walk by...)

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Meet your new coach: Sustainable weight loss specialist Cameron Makarchuk

Hi, I'm Cam - that's me over there 👉 

I've dedicated my life over the last 14 years to helping hard-working people of all ages live a stronger, healthier, and even more awesome life.

Over the years I've helped dozens of people lose over 100 lbs each (including a woman that lost 183 lbs 😯), and hundreds of people lose over 20 lbs.

All of this was done without counting calories, weighing food, or any other weird diet "hacks".

I've also helped hundreds of people of all ages - 19-83 years old - live a strong, healthy, and active life. Using simple, but effective, fitness & nutrition strategies.

All of this to say, if you've got a problem or challenge, I've helped someone else through the exact same issue achieve their fitness or weight loss goals.

So it's safe to say I can help you too.

Introducing The "Rock Your Jeans!" Challenge

8-week BPX™ Workout Plan

component  1

You'll get access to a complete, properly designed workout program with gym & at-home versions of every workout. Plus video demos of every exercise so you always know how to perform the exercises safely.

8-week Sustainable Nutrition System™: Accelerated Edition

component 2

You'll understand how to eat for your body & goals, building better behaviours around food effortlessly using our Sustainable Nutrition System: Accelerated Edition - no calorie counting or weird diets required!

Sustainable Nutrition Cheatsheets

component 3

Every Sustainable Nutrition practice comes with a cheatsheet for easy reference.

Weekly group coaching calls

component 4

Each week we'll meet on a video coaching call to go over your specific action steps for the next week, and any specific questions you have.

BPX™ smartphone app (8-week access)

component 5

Your entire program is delivered through our custom BPX™ smartphone app so that you always have access to your program in the palm of your hand!

RYJ Clubhouse™ private community

component 6

Get your questions answered and all the social support you need inside the RYJ Clubhouse, our private Facebook community.

PLUS: Bonuses If You Reserve Your Spot Today

15 SuperSmoothies™ Recipe Guide

Bonus 1

We're BIG fans of SuperSmoothies™ at BluePhoenix Fitness so we're going to give you 15 of our favourites. Packed with all of the nutrients you need for a quick and easy meal.

31 Real Food, Real Healthy Recipes™

Bonus 2

You'll always know what to eat with these simple, Real Food, Real Healthy Recipes™.  Every single one of these meals are "BPX-approved" and fit into your healthy nutrition plan. And the best part, they're all whole-food based with minimal ingredients that the whole family will love.

Limited Edition: "Rock Your Jeans!" T-shirt

Bonus 3

Show off your accomplishment by rocking your limited edition "Rock Your Jeans" t-shirt - only available to participants of this challenge.

(Actual t-shirt not shown)

Are you ready to Rock Your Jeans?!

$499  $699

Offer ends September 27, 2021

See What Other Members Are Saying

Overall I lost 10 lbs, 3 ½ inches from the waist, 2 ¼ inches from the hips and 1 inch from the chest! I will be turning 60 this year and I feel that thanks to your help I’m on the right path to good health and an active retirement.

Teresa T.

Today I can honestly say I enjoy working out, I feel confident in how I look and I know I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Shopaholic days are slightly less meaningful knowing I no longer need clothes to make me look nice, because ‘looking nice’ is what happens when you’re a client.

Rosie A.

I went to my first hockey game and fit in the chairs and this was a huge win to me. I get to go shopping with people and not be embarrassed by my clothes size. I can have my picture taken from any angle and not worry. 

Courtney O.

I LOVE who I see in the mirror! I feel so much more confident, even to the point of wearing a crop top for the first time. I love how proud I feel and all of the challenges I've been able to accomplish. Thanks for your guidance!

Michelle D.

Are you ready to Rock Your Jeans?!

$499  $699

Offer ends September 27, 2021

Frequently asked questions

What results can I expect?

While everyones individual results will vary greatly, it's not uncommon to see participants drop 1-3 sizes over the 8 week program. Along with that you can expect to feel stronger, more toned, and confident in your favourite clothes!

Obviously the people who dedicate themselves, show up to the coaching calls, and take consistent action will see the best results.

Will I get a meal plan?

Nope! And here's why that's a really good thing...

After 14 years we've found that strict meal plans don't actually work that well for long-term, sustainable results. Sure, anyone can white-knuckle their way through a 14 day restrictive meal plan or chicken and broccoli - but what happens after day 14? Unfortunately most people go back to their "normal" way of eating, which leads to regaining all the weight they lost, plus more.

With our Sustainable Nutrition System we prefer to focus on building better behaviours around food so that you understand how to eat for your body, and your goals.

We accomplish this by laying out specific action steps for you to focus on and practice each week. These practices develop into habits, which leads to sustainable results.

Trust me, if meal plans worked, we'd give them to everyone 😉 

What equipment do I need for the workouts?

Inside your 8-week BPX Workout Program you'll have "gym versions" and "at-home" versions of every single workout.

For the "gym versions" you'll need access to dumbbells (5-50 lbs), an adjustable bench, stability ball and resistance bands.

For the "at-home versions" you'll only need resistance bands and a stability ball.

And on top of that, if you need an exercise substitution, all you need to do is ask - we're here for you every step of the way!

What should I do after the 8 weeks are done?

That's completely up to you! Once your 8 week "Rock Your Jeans!" Challenge is over you'll be well equipped with the foundational skills you need to maintain your results on your own. You'll also have the Sustainable Nutrition Cheatsheets for quick reference.

However, we have found that most people benefit from having a professional design their workouts and nutrition plans for them on an ongoing basis. Not to mention the ongoing support and accountability.

So we've put together a very special offer only available to people who complete the "Rock Your Jeans!" Challenge.

This offer will include an invitation to join us inside our 1-1 online Transformation Coaching Experience - our signature fitness & wellness coaching platform.

Towards the end of the challenge we'll let you know the details so you can seamlessly transition into that program with us!

Alright enough talk - let's do this!

$499  $699

Offer ends September 27, 2021

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