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Introducing Our Brand New "Sustainable Weight Loss Solution" Level 1 Coaching Program - Only 30 Spots Available

A simplified approach for easily losing your first 20+ lbs & NEVER falling for another “diet” again - WITHOUT counting points, weighing your food, or crazy workouts - even if you feel like you’ve already tried everything

Don't Delay - There Are Only A Few Spots Available!

In order to give everyone the best results and personal coaching, I only work with 30 people at one time. This exclusive group is almost maxed and then the price will go up for the next group. Take your time to read through this letter and respond quickly to secure your spot…

Hey 🙂
Cameron Makarchuk here!

Whether you heard about this opportunity from our Blue Phoenix Journal  email newsletter, my Facebook posts or you hit me up in Instagram DMs...

I want to say congrats on responding so quickly and reaching out about our brand new Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Level 1 coaching program - a simplified approach for massive weight loss.

You’re obviously interested in a simplified and sustainable approach to long term weight loss, and this is your first step in getting there. So congrats!

Now that you’re here though, why should you listen to me?

Well you don’t have to, of course, but I’ve made a name for myself over the last 13 years by helping over 1287  men and women just like you finally lose the weight they’ve been struggling with - for good.

Because of this, I know exactly what you need to do...

And more importantly, I know all of the challenges you’re going to face along the way.

Which means I also know the solutions to those challenges because I’ve helped hundreds of people get past the very same ones.

You won’t find another fitness and nutrition coach with more experience helping people achieve massive, sustainable weight loss, safely.

Sure, there are a million “online health coaches” on Instagram these days, pushing their useless “detox teas”, generic meal plans, and ridiculous “body wraps” with their fake claims. But these options (and the people selling them) are at best a waste of money and at worst dangerous.

I never recommend anything that would put your health at risk just to lose some weight. That seems a little bit counterproductive if you ask me.

Instead, my goal is to help you develop better habits and behaviours slowly over time. We want you to build confidence in yourself without needing someone to tell you what to eat or having to buy expensive supplements forever.

By focusing on small, extremely simple changes over time you build more momentum.

More momentum means you have a much higher chance of being consistent over a long enough period of time to achieve the fat loss and body transformation changes you desire.

My purpose is to help you understand how to eat for your body and your goals so that you can actually maintain your progress for life, with ease.

❌ No more “diets”.
❌ No more crazy workouts.
❌ No more pills, powders or potions.

In 2021 my goal is to help another 100 people finally get past their weight loss struggles, stop the food confusion and feel alive with energy again.

And that all starts with this brand new 16-week Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Level 1 coaching program - “A Simplified Approach For Losing Your First 20+ lbs and NEVER falling for another ‘diet’ again!”

Why I Created The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution

Frankly, I was tired.

I was tired of constantly hearing about the struggles of people trying to lose weight, only to gain it all back again (if they even lost it in the first place) because they fell victim to another wild and crazy claim from useless products like “body wraps” or “detox teas” or restrictive diets.

Back in 2010 I opened the only personal training studio in the country that specialized in sustainable weight loss for people wanting to lose at least 20-30 lbs or more.

Over 5 years we successfully helped over 526 men and women who had struggled with their weight for their entire lives, finally lose that stubborn body fat - for good.

It’s safe to say that over that time I learned a lot. I read everything I could on sustainable weight loss strategies.

I studied everything from…

✅ Nutritional biochemistry
✅ Behaviour change psychology
✅ Strength training for fat loss
✅ Socio-economics of food

Along with my 4-year Bachelor of Exercise Science degree, I completed advanced certifications in nutrition and became one of the very first Certified Online Trainers in the world.

In  2012 I even co-authored a best-selling book and wrote an entire chapter specifically on “Metabolic Training For Fat Loss”.

But as successful as my private personal training studio had become at helping people with sustainable weight loss, there was a problem…

I was extremely limited to only being able to help the people who were fortunate enough to live in my city.

Because of the specialized nature, it was also a large investment to work with me in person at my private studio - upwards of $800-1200/month or $10,000-15,000/year.

With all of the people around the world struggling with these same issues and being told the same misinformation from other “experts”, I knew I couldn’t keep my secret strategies for sustainable weight loss to myself & my few high paying clients any longer.

I knew something had to change (more on that in a minute)...

So here's the thing no one wants to tell you...

It’s not your fault that you’ve been struggling to lose weight and keep it off.

We’ve all been victims of a food industry designed to make us overweight, tired and depressed.

Constantly being told by “experts” that all we need is…

  • this new “body wrap”

  • these “special shakes”

  • expensive fat-burning supplements

  • to stop eating carbs

  • to avoid fats at all cost

  • and on, and on...

We all get sucked into the “too good to be true” claims made by these “Insta-coaches” or “infomercial doctors”.

I’m sorry, but It’s all garbage and we’ve all fallen for it.

You don’t need another generic workout or restrictive meal plan - those don’t work and you know it.

What you need is ruthless and consistent execution of a few basic principles. The very same ones my most successful clients have been using for over a decade.

You also need your very own Sustainable Weight Loss Coach to guide you every step of the way!

Someone who has already helped hundreds of people just like you overcome the very same struggles and challenges you’re facing.

And today, for the first time, you’ll finally be able to access the very same techniques, strategies and coaching that were previously only available to a handful of very fortunate people.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to introduce you to…

The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution
Level 1 Coaching Program

The ONLY sustainable method for easily losing your first 20+ lbs & NEVER falling for another “diet” again - WITHOUT counting points, weighing your food, or crazy workouts - even if you feel like you’ve already tried everything!

We’ll guide you step-by-step on exactly how to workout (even if you workout at home) and develop the skills you need to make sure the weight stays off for good this time.

Over the next 16 weeks we’re going to work with a select group of highly motivated men & women (will you be one of them?) to show you how to eat & workout so that you regain your health and feel stronger than ever.

This means we’ll be using highly effective methods such as our “F.I.R.E.” Workouts (Full-body, high-Intensity, Resistance-based, Exercise) & our proven Sustainable Nutrition System.

Don’t worry though!

This all just means that you’re finally going to be using the most effective (and simple) strategies for sustainable weight loss ever put together.

Most people can make incredible progress, lose all the weight they want, get stronger and feel better in their clothes WITHOUT counting calories, weighing their food, getting into crazy diets or insane workouts…

...and I’d love to show you how.

But right now you might be wondering - will this actually work for me?

Well to be honest, that will depend on YOU.

You’ll be getting the same strategies and 1-1 coaching that helped my client Courtney lose over 183 lbs in 16 months to win a national Transformation Challenge...

The same system that helped Rosie lose over 125 lbs in 18 months...

And the same system that helped Joanne finally get rid of over 103 lbs in 10 months...

These are the same strategies and 1-1 coaching that helped my 63 year old client Deb feel stronger than ever and continue to redefine what “aging” looks like…and also helped Joanne’s father Tony lose 63 lbs.

And these graphs and messages are just a very small sample from real people that are already seeing the life-changing benefits of The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution...

You see, I’ve helped people overcome massive challenges like:

✅ Losing 183 lbs in 16 months
✅ Type 2 Diabetes
✅ High blood pressure
✅ Losing 125 lbs in 18 months
✅ Hip replacements & knee replacements
✅ Even Brittle Bone Disease (what I’m most proud of)

All while losing weight, getting stronger and feeling healthier than ever.

It’s from all of this experience over 13 years with real people, overcoming real challenges that I carefully designed The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Level 1 coaching program.

So I know the program is capable of delivering the results.

The Program Details

The goal of The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution coaching program is to work closely with up to 30 highly motivated men and women and help them lose their first 20, 30 or even 40 lbs in the next 16 weeks, while getting healthier and feeling stronger than ever with simple nutrition practices & at-home workouts.

Once you claim your spot in The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Level 1 coaching program, here’s what you’re going to get immediately upon joining:

What About Accountability?

YES! You will absolutely have accountability. As part of the “Fitness & Wellness Concierge” service we’ve built in 3 levels of accountability:

LEVEL 1: You’ll have access to your personal coach on a daily basis, whenever you need for whatever you need

LEVEL 2: In addition to that, we’re always monitoring your progress and if we need to we’ll reach out to give a gentle “nudge” in the right direction 🙂

LEVEL 3: On top of that, we have a system for doing bi-weekly check-ins through the Blue Phoenix Fitness app that adds a third level of accountability

That’s the beauty of having your very own Sustainable Weight Loss Coach, we can support you while making adjustments when “life” happens.

Here’s What To Expect (and what’s expected of you):

This is the most comprehensive weight loss program designed to give you the health and body you’ve dreamed of, if you’re ready to put in the work.

You ready?

Who Is This For?

Who Is This NOT For?

What's The Investment?

As mentioned earlier, when I was working with clients in person it cost between $800-1200/month or $10,000-15,000/year to work with me and I had a waiting list of people ready to jump on as soon as someone finished.

Fortunately, because of the systems I’ve developed over the last 13 years, you won’t have to pay $15,000 to get the same level of 1-1 coaching.

In fact, you won’t even have to pay half of that amount to get started today.


To get started today and secure your spot in the 16-week Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Level 1 coaching program it’s just 1 payment of $999 or 4 easy payments of $299/month.

On top of this huge discount, to make it a complete “no-brainer” decision for you by putting all of the risk on me…

30-Day Money Back Guarantee - 100% Risk Free!

Take the first step and try this out for 30 days. If it’s really not for you, then let me know and I’ll give you a full refund. That’s how confident I am that you’ll be ecstatic with the results you’re going to be getting.

Why Is This So Affordable?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I created this program because I wanted to help more people than just the ones fortunate enough to live in my city.

It’s my mission to help you finally lose the weight you’ve been struggling with and become the strongest, healthiest version of yourself so that you can live an even more awesome life.

When I set out to create this program, I wanted to make sure it was 100% affordable for you to get the absolute best coaching to achieve your goals.

The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution is the absolute best and most trusted online coaching program for people wanting to lose 20+ lbs, get stronger and feel healthier than ever.

And I want to give you the opportunity to improve your life with a very affordable program that is completely different than anything you’ve tried before.

Most people are so happy with their results they stick with us long after the first 4 months, graduating into Level 2 “REBUILD” and Level 3 “REDEFINED”.

My ultimate goal is to make sure you get such amazing results that you’ll stick around too.

How Can You Claim One Of These Final Spots?

If you’ve read everything above and feel like this IS the program for you, simply choose your payment option at the bottom of this page and click "Get Started Now".

After that you'll get a series of emails with instructions on downloading the Blue Phoenix Fitness app and our Welcome Guide to get you rolling.

I’m super pumped to get you started, chat with you, and play a small part in your fitness and weight loss journey!

See you on the other side,



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