Do you have more than 20 lbs to lose & frustrated with slow progress?

This Is How 643 women lost 20-30 lbs in just 16-weeks to Feel Fit, Strong, & Confident in the Clothes They LOVE!

Without counting calories, cutting carbs, or crazy workouts.

Build fitness into your life & be more active with your kids
Grab those "back-of-the-closet" clothes & wear them with confidence again!
LOVE the way your body looks & feels
Develop healthy habits that run on auto-pilot to keep the weight off forever - no more "diets" ever again!

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The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution takes people from frustrated & overweight, to dropping body fat consistently in a sustainable way, while developing healthy habits so that the weight stays gone & you never have to "diet" again.

Who it's for

You should only join us inside The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution if:

You want sustainable results you can maintain for life
You have more than 20 lbs you'd like to lose
You want clear answers for how to achieve your goals
You feel like you've tried everything before
You're done with "quick fixes" & ready for long-term results
You want a simple, but effective exercise plan that fits into your busy schedule
You want a coach that actually cares about you & is dedicated to your success
You want to ditch the "diets" for good & understand how to eat for your own body, goals, & lifestyle
You want to enjoy the foods you love, while still losing weight
You want to build fitness into your life, without it taking over
You want to achieve and maintain your goals, even when life gets crazy

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Courtney lost 183 lbs and is now "happy, healthy, & free!"

"I went to my first hockey game and fit in the chairs and this was a huge win to me. I get to go shopping with people and not be embarrassed by my clothes size. I can have my picture taken from any angle and not worry.

I'm happy, healthy, and free!"


Carol was able to finally stop the vicious cycle of losing weight, losing focus, and gaining it all back again.

"The physical changes have been amazing, but the benefits in terms of stress relief, and overall confidence in living my daily life have been phenomenal. It’s been an awesome trip"


Rosie dropped 125 lbs & went from frustrated to flexing!

"After meeting Cam I realized how lucky I was.

Today I can honestly say I enjoy working out, I feel confident in how I look and I know I’m stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been. Shopaholic days are slightly less meaningful knowing I no longer need clothes to make me look nice, because ‘looking nice’ is what happens when you’re a client."


Johanne is feeling "healthier, happier, and more confident" after losing 103 lbs!

 "I have been a client for 10 months now and I’m feeling healthier, happier, more confident, more energetic and, of course, smaller.

The workout and nutrition guidance is phenomenal. Thanks to the support and motivation, for the first time in my life I feel like I can actually achieve my weight loss goals and, most importantly, I now feel like I’m worth it. It feels good to have the confidence again.”

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Every graph represents another
sustainable weight loss success story!

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Melanie D.

"I highly recommend Cam to anyone thinking about working with a personal trainer. I wasn’t sure how a virtual training system would work, but after training in person with Cam for a year I trusted that he would make a virtual system work, and he does! He puts a lot of effort into customizing each person’s program, taking into account our individual needs and goals, and building on our achievements. I also really like how he has created a supportive online community. 5 stars!"

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What's different about Sustainable Weight Loss Solution?

Unlike other options, the Sustainable Weight Loss Solution was designed specifically for people with more than 20 lbs they'd like to lose. It was based on 14 years of helping over 1200+ people lose up to massive amounts of weight, with countless people losing over 100 lbs in less than a year.

Also, there are no weird or restrictive "diets" involved. One of our mottos is that there are no "bad" or "good" foods, only food. And by shifting our relationship with food we can learn to eat for our own body, and our own goals for life - no "diets" required, just enjoying our food again.

You'll also have your own personal sustainable weight loss coach guiding you every step of the way, helping you with any challenge that might pop up.

For these reasons and many more, the Sustainable Weight Loss Solution is unlike anything you've ever tried before. Most importantly because it will actually work for you.

Do I need to be in U.S. or Canada to join?

Nope! The Transformation Coaching Experience is delivered 100% online through the BluePhoenix Fitness smartphone app, so you can live anywhere in the world.

We've helped people from all across Canada, the U.S. and around the world.

What if I'm a complete beginner?

That's completely O.K. (and congrats on taking this first step!). Most of the people we've helped over the years came to us as beginners just like you.

The beauty of Sustainable Weight Loss Solution is that it was specifically designed with you mind. The entire program is built to help you start building healthy behaviours into your life from wherever your starting point is.

What's the time commitment?

One of the great things about Sustainable Weight Loss Solution is that it's very flexible to your own individual lifestyle.

The workouts are designed to be time efficient, and can be easily rescheduled. And the nutrition practices are very simple, often not requiring any additional time at all!

With that said, we have designed your workout plan to be 3-4 strength workouts/week that take 30-60 minutes, with some low-intensity cardio (i.e. walking) on the other days.

When can I expect to see results?

This is completely personal and impossible to give an answer for. When you get results depends on a variety of factors such as where you're starting, your individual body, your lifestyle and your commitment to the process.

We've had members start seeing some fat loss within the first couple of weeks, and for others it takes a little bit longer. Many members report feeling more energy and less aches and pains within a couple of weeks, but that might vary for you.

What I can say with confidence is this:

If you commit to the program, keep in touch with personal coach regularly and simply trust the process, you WILL get results with Sustainable Weight Loss Solution - I guarantee it.

How often will I hear from my coach?

As often as you need to! Your personal coach is available to you whenever you need them. It's as simple as popping open the smartphone app and sending a quick message.

With that said, your coach will often reach out to check in each week or if they notice you've missed a couple workouts and might need a gentle "nudge".

How long does  this program last?

The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution Level 1 coaching program is 16 weeks.

But don't worry, if you'd like to continue your coaching experience after that (which most members do!) we have some really great options for graduates of this program!

Do I need access to a gym?

Nope. Having access to a full gym can definitely add some variety to your workouts, but we've designed the entire workout program to be done with minimal equipment. All you need are a set of dumbbells, an adjustable bench, resistance bands, and a stability ball.

You'll also have "At-Home" versions of every workout that can be done with resistance bands and a stability ball.

Is there a meal plan?

What we've found is that meal plans tend to be overly restrictive and don't work well for the long-term behaviour change necessary for sustainable weight loss.

Instead, we focus on developing healthy habits and behaviours around food so that you understand how to eat for your body, goals and preferences.

This way you're not reliant on someone giving you a meal plan all the time. You'll feel confident in your food choices because you'll know how to eat for your own body.

I want to lose over 100 lbs - will this work for me?

First of all, congrats on taking this first step on your weight loss journey!

We've had many, many people lose over 100 lbs following the same system you'll have access to inside The Sustainable Weight Loss Solution (see above for some examples).

This entire program was designed specifically with you in mind, so you are absolutely in the right place.

How do I get started?

Great question! The next step is scheduling your complimentary Goal Setting Call by clicking the big orange button below.

On this complimentary, no-obligation call we'll talk about:

- Where you're at right now
- Where you'd like to be in the next 12 months
- The biggest challenges or obstacles you're facing

After that, you'll have a chance to ask any questions you may have and if it make sense we can discuss how you can join us inside Sustainable Weight Loss Solution.

If not, that's O.K. too. At the very least you'll have clarity around exactly what's holding you back and what you need to do to achieve your 12-month goals!

There's absolutely no risk to scheduling your call, so click the big orange button and select your time...

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Questions? We're here to help!

Contact our world-class support team at results@bluephoenixfitness.com - We're rooting for your success!

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