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How To Rid Yourself Of The Biggest Threat To Your Happiness

Yesterday was my 36th birthday. When I think about that, being in my mid-30’s, it doesn’t feel quite right. In my mind I still feel like I’m somewhere around 25 years old and fortunately my body feels the same (most days). I suppose this is a good thing. You’re only as old as you feel […]

What Does A Balanced Training Program Look Like And Why Does It Even Matter?

I’m not a “runner” and have never claimed to be, but it’s an area I’m focused more on lately. In fact, I’ve often written about my disdain for running and long, steady-state (boring), cardio. This was often through the lens of optimizing your workout time for overall fat loss, as that’s the goal for the […]

How Many Vegetables Should You Eat? Here’s The Truth

I took a drive this weekend to visit some family, part of which was spent visiting with my grandma for a couple of hours. During our visit we caught up on a variety of topics – the state of the world, washing our hands and of course, vegetables. She had seen a recent post I […]

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