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3 Lessons From My Failed Marathon Attempt

After a lot of post-race analysis I wanted to share my thoughts on why I failed my first marathon attempt 2 weeks ago, and what I’m going to do differently next time. As a quick refresher, up until 1 year ago I was convinced I would never be a “runner” because of very sharp knee […]

Use This Pre-Run Movement Prep For Pain-Free Running

Less than a year ago I could not run more than 3 kms before I would get sharp pain in my right knee and hip. For years I succumbed to the idea that I would never be a runner. My body just wasn’t made for it. Fast forward to today and I’m training for a […]

Best Resistance Band Workouts For Beginners

If you’re looking to get started with effective resistance band workouts for beginners, you’ve come to the right place! When used properly, resistance bands are incredibly safe, effective, and affordable. This makes them the perfect place for you to start (or restart) your journey towards becoming the strongest, healthiest version of you. And today we’re […]

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