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The Most Awesome Guide On Protein

To me, protein feels a lot like the forgotten middle child of the 3 macronutrients. Typically, fats and carbohydrates get all of the attention. And all of the debating about which is better or worse. All of this debating leaves poor little protein out in the cold, scratching at the window looking for some love. […]

How A Poolside Chat In Mexico Changed My Thoughts On Anxiety

Sitting poolside at a magnificent resort overlooking the ocean in Mexico may not seem like the typical location for a deep, thought-provoking chat about anxiety, but that’s where I found myself. Over the years I’ve written about my struggles with anxiety, things I’ve learned and ways I’ve been able to manage it. But this conversation with a […]

A Short Note On The Importance Of Thinking For Yourself

I remember a time when everyone (government, doctors, etc) knew for absolute certain that dietary fat was dangerous for our collective health. Dietary fat was blamed for every chronic health issue at the time – obesity, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, everything. It made sense. If you eat fat (in foods), then […]

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