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The Accessibility Of Fitness

If there’s one thing that I’ve been reminded about during this global situation and having all of the gyms closed is just how accessible fitness truly is. Personally, I love going to the gym. I love lifting weights and I cannot wait to get back in there. But after 13 years of working with people […]

The Real Reason We Fail (and How To Overcome Procrastination)

As humans every decision we make is driven by just 2 forces… The desire to move away from pain and The desire to move towards pleasure If the pleasure we expect to receive outweighs the pain we’re feeling (or the pain we perceive ourselves to be feeling), we’ll decide to move forward with that action or change. […]

A Better Approach To Quitting

A common mantra is “winner’s never quit and quitters never win”, but is that completely true? I would suggest a better way to approach that line of thinking is with this quote from Brendon Burchard: “There’s nothing wrong with quitting what’s not right and starting over. You’re wiser now and you’ll figure things out.” Continuing to bang […]

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