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A Short Note On The Importance Of Thinking For Yourself

I remember a time when everyone (government, doctors, etc) knew for absolute certain that dietary fat was dangerous for our collective health. Dietary fat was blamed for every chronic health issue at the time – obesity, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, everything. It made sense. If you eat fat (in foods), then […]

So Simple You’d Be Silly Not To Do It

She looked at me, kind of puzzled and said, “That’s it? That’s all you want me to do?” “Yup”, I responded with a smirk. “Small hinges swing big doors.” This is a common response I get from clients. Most people come to me thinking they have to change everything about themselves on Day 1 in order […]

The Magical Benefits Of Protein For Weight Loss

There’s a lot of jibber-jabber in the weight loss world surrounding carbohydrates (“carbs”) and fats (the ones you eat in food). People just can’t seem to agree these days. One day we’re told to never eat fat again, because eating dietary fat *must* mean we’re going *be* fat. Then the next day, we’re told that […]

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